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Your Arnold California Area Listing Expired

by Teri Elaine Rogers on 11/07/15

Your Listing Expired

I noticed your listing has expired in one of the best seller’s markets we’ve had in years. There are no excuses! Let me put my marketing plan to work for you:

  Proper media exposure. Successful marketing employs multiple medias. This includes posting a detailed description with numerous quality photos of your home in the multiple listing service, maximum use of online tools and proper sign placement.

  Examining your motivation. As a seller, it is sometimes necessary to reassess your objectives. I’ll ensure you have clearly defined goals and expectations for your sale.

  Competitively pricing your home. I will price your home correctly and competitively to reflect its fair market value.

  Being accessible to homebuyers. A successful seller makes their home accessible for viewing at the buyer’s convenience. This requires the use of a professional lock box and flexible viewing hours.

  Smart staging to make your home stand out. First impressions are important. I’ll make staging recommendations so buyers will better appreciate your home.

  Evaluating the condition of your property. Homebuyers want a clean and hassle-free home. Providing adequate maintenance will help them feel more at ease and ready to make an offer.

  A proactive listing agent. Successful agents take initiative and exhaust all available resources. I will market diligently, enlist the help of my professional network and work with you to find solutions to any concerns prospective buyers have about your property.

Stay motivated and choose an agent with proven results. Call me today, and let me put my plan to work for you!


Multiple Offers – How To Navigate Them

Are you thinking about selling your home? In today’s real estate market, it’s common to receive multiple offers on your property. Here are a few different approaches you can take when you receive multiple offers:

  Accept the best offer. The best offer is the one that nets the most to the seller, after seller concessions. Or, if you’re hoping for a fast closing, an all-cash offer may be preferable to a higher-priced offer reliant on mortgage financing. Choosing the best offer is the easiest course of action, but you may regret the possibility that you left money on the table later.

  Inform each buyer’s agent there are multiple offers. This will encourage all buyers to put their best offer forward. However, it may also have the opposite effect, discouraging buyers who don’t wish to compete.

  Counteroffer the best offer, and inform them of the multiple-offer situation. This can be quicker and more direct than waiting to hear from all the potential buyers. However, it is possible that you may miss out on receiving a better offer from one of the other potential buyers, and there’s no way to know unless you give them the chance to compete.

If you’re ready to sell, I can help you navigate multiple offers and make sure your home sells for the right price. Call me today for an appointment!





Reasons to Hire Agent to Sell Your Home

The sale of your home is one of the biggest financial transactions of your life, and you want it to go smoothly. Why not partner up with a friendly neighborhood real estate agent to get the job done? Here are some important reasons to have a professional working for you:

  The price is right. I will help you set the optimal price for your property. This is accomplished by preparing a comparative market analysis to determine the value of your home.

  I’ll handle the paperwork. Real estate forms come with a lot of jargon. I can explain what each part of the form does for you. It’s all about transparency!

  Advertising that works. I know how to promote your listing. With quality marketing, I will reach a wider audience and find you the best buyer.

  Agent expertise. Working in real estate gives me exclusive knowledge and resources to sell homes successfully. Let me share this valuable information with you!

  Save yourself time. I’ll do the work so you don’t have to. I’ll communicate with buyers on your behalf, handle all sale interactions and bargain to get you the best price. It’s my job.

  Professional advice. I’m privy to the legal aspects of real estate. I’ll help reduce your liability by giving you direction.

  I’ll make your home look its best. Proper staging is vital to attracting buyers. I’ll determine what homebuyers want and ensure your home makes the best impression.

  Access to a multiple listing service. Our extensive network gives your listing the exposure it needs and helps find you motivated buyers. It’s a trusted system you can count on to make your home sale a success.

If you’re serious about selling your home, call me today to set up a listing appointment and receive a free comparative market analysis!

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